Meet the faces behind the KG Foundation

Introducing our board of directors!

President- Jordan Covington

Jordan has loved dogs her entire life. She is CPDT-KA, Fear Free certified for shelter/ rescue and a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

She and Kris met in high school and they both instantly knew that they had accidentally found the love of their lifetime. The two of them loved to travel, spend time with family, see new things, and be out on the lake. But their biggest passion was dogs- over the course of their 10 year relationship, they have helped hundreds of dogs and their families together. Rescuing, fostering, training, and adopting dogs, cats, and even bunnies out to their forever homes became the way of life for them and everyone close to them. Jordan plans to continue their dreams of continuing to find ways to help their four legged friends, and much more to come in Kris’s honor. Jordan is a proud dog mama of her and Kris’s 3 rescue dogs, Yogi Bear, Jefferson, and Panda Bear.

Vice President- Judy Hamilton

Judy is Kris and Alyssa’s mom. She has a heart of gold and greets everyone and everything especially, those covered in fur with a big smile and her warm heart. Judy loves being outside, gardening, spending time with family, the water, and baking. Judy brings the unconditional love only a mother can have, wisdom, and happiness to our team. She is also the proud rescue cat Mom of 3 of the funniest felines, Jasper, Kohzie, and Ragamuffin.

Treasurer – Mike Boutsikaris

Chair holder- Alyssa Boutsikaris

Mike and Alyssa bring so much to our team. They are the wise “big brother and sister” and help to oversee plans/ goals for the foundation. On any given day, the 4 (Mike & Alyssa, Kris & Jordan) of them were pretty much inseparable. Mike is the businessman of the bunch. His passions include helping families with substance abuse problems, traveling, and playing hockey. Alyssa is the glue to our team and helps to keep those goals clear and front and center. Alyssa’s passions include being a dog mom to their 4 rescue pups- Kimber, Chloe, Lexi, & Gunner, planning events/ trips, spending time with family, cooking, and going up north.