Coming soon…. The KG Recovery Home ❤️

We are working hard to secure some more property to house, care, and love homeless dogs while they wait for their furever homes.

Our vision for this home is to provide a loving place for dogs to live in and be cared for while they wait for their furever homes. This would allow them a safe and clean, calm, and quiet, home like environment to stay in outside of a shelter environment.

Meet the faces behind our recovery homes.. 

Mr. Moo

Mr. Moo was brought into animal control in “ruff” shape. He was covered in severely infected burn wounds (yes, someone burned this dog) all over his body. He was also emaciated and Heartworm positive. Mr. Moo spent a few months in our #KGRecoveryHome and once he was all fixed up both physically and mentally- he was adopted by past adopters and is living his best life. From going for joy rides in the Camaro, lounging at home in his dinosaur pajamas, and attending fundraising/ public events to educate the public on just how amazingly sweet and gentle rescue dogs can be- he stays pretty busy these days! Mr. Moo is in training to see if he has what it takes to be a therapy dog and we know our boy is going to make us proud with whatever he ends up doing next!

Before Pictures

After Photos


7 Mile Sharon aka Sherry was rescued by our volunteers on a freezing Winter day- upon dropping some other dogs off from their spay and neuters we saw her chained to a fence post. We investigated, reached out to animal control and spoke to neighbors- the house was abandoned and nobody had been living there for weeks. She had a bowl of water in a large cooking pot (it was frozen) and a giant tow rope chain attaching her to a fence. We knew when we saw her that we couldn’t leave her to freeze to death. With help from animal control we removed her from the property and she began her healing journey in the #KGRecoveryHome. Sherbear was very unsure of life indoors at first but after some love, training, patience, and time she turned into an extremely happy, social, and loving dog. She’s since been adopted and has her very own little girl whom she takes snuggling with VERY seriously! From an emaciated, terrified dog who was most likely used for breeding her whole life and tied to a fence to a certified couch potato and living her best life.

Before Pictures

After Photos


Pippin was a shelter dog for over 400 days- yep for over an entire year- he lived in a county animal shelter. We had met, loved/adored, and walked him several times before being able to make space and pull him for the #KGRecoveryHome. One of our favorite things about him was that he always grabbed a stuffed animal toy and just held onto it in his shelter cage. Every time we saw him, he had a new stuffie in his mouth was just sitting and waiting with our boy.. waiting to be picked…or seen.. or noticed by someone.. 
Pippin’s only fault/ reason for growing up in the shelter was that he was 1 of 100+ “blockhead type” dogs dumped / abandoned.. and left at animal control. When he first came he was around 6 months old, and was a walking skeleton.. by the time we rescue pulled him a year + later he was an extra large puppy with no home experience.

After a few weeks of grasping the home life (he’s a very quick learner!) We sent his pictures and bio to our rescue partner that he was adoptable through and figured he would wait several more weeks to be seen by the right family.. to our surprise, he got an adoption application that night. We did a meet n greet the next day and needless to say it was L-O-V-E at first sight. Over a dozen months he sat unnoticed in the shelter, and he was with us only maybe 2 dozen days..  He’s been living happily ever after with his awesome adopters ever since.

Sometimes all it takes is a chance- some fresh eyes, some love, and some Positive Reinforcement Dog Training.. Pippin is the exact reason we created our programs and The KG Recovery Home.. to give dogs a chance that otherwise wouldn’t get one.