The Kg Foundation offers a few different programs that strive to help improve owner retention, and decrease homeless pets.


Fixing The Future

Fixing the future is probably our fastest and busiest branch of the KG Foundation. Fixing the future is our low-no cost spay and neuter program. This program assists with keeping beloved family pets in their homes, but due to life circumstances, their families may not be able to afford basic veterinary care. While assisting this gives the opportunity to help families who may not know or understand the care and needs that comes along with having a pet. “Fixing the Future” is a low/ no cost spay and neuter program for families in need of some help with their pets. Life can be “ruff” and financial hardships cannot always be planned for. This program focuses primarily on Detroit families and the neighboring Metro Detroit area that need help with transportation, cost, education and or basic supplies pet supplies. The KGF has weekly appointments with partnered veterinary clinics that spay/ neuter, microchip, vaccinate and/or treat pets for any health issues they may be experiencing. Keeping loved pets in homes and out of overcrowded shelters. This program prevents future unwanted litters and saves lives. Since beginning this initiative November 2022, we have assisted with 175 owned dogs, and at around 300 cats primarily TNR since becoming certified.

“Fixing the Future.. one dog at a time…”

Donation Days for the Strays 

One of our longest standing programs and always a volunteer favorite! The KGF hosts donation drives in honor of Kris’s heart dog- Paco in November/ December. The week of Christmas volunteers deliver carloads of donations to the animal shelters/ nursing homes/ adopted families. We recently expanded the program bi-annually adding a summer one too! 

Donation Days.. In memory of Paco 

Training Classes

Keeping pets in homes and out of overcrowded shelters is always the goal.

We offer low-cost 4 week long puppy, basic, and specialty training classes to help pets of all ages learn new skills with their humans. Our classes are made/based off feedback from our adopters, fosters, and fellow animal welfare warriors. Not only do we teach you how to teach your dog, but to understand how your dog thinks, learns, and communicates as well. Education is key. We also train with individuals (in home/private training) on a case by case basis. Jordan has her training certifications through the CPDT-KA and Fear Free Happy Homes, Shelter/ Rescue. If you’re struggling and need help with your dog, reach out!

Basic training class -recommended for dogs 6 months and up- click the link below for more info and to see upcoming class dates 

Puppy training class- recommended for puppies 5-6 months and younger-  click the link below for more info and to see upcoming class dates 

Now offering specialty classes- including Confidence Building, Reactive Dog Class, Intermediate Training, Advanced Training, Leash pulling class and more! Click the link below for more info and to see upcoming class dates 

KGF “Care Bears”

We also fund for KGF “Care Bears” in honor of mine and Kris’s dog- Yogi Bear: who we used to joke was the world’s most expensive dog, ever. He had every medical condition you could dream of and when we got him at 17/18 years old. We had no idea what we were signing up for. Emergencies happen- an owned dog breaks their leg, flips their stomach, has horrible allergy flare ups that their owner just can’t get ahold of. KGF “Care Bears’ ‘ are owned dogs whose parents need a little financial assistance or guidance in what to do. This is another part of one of our main goals, to increase owner retention.

Lastly- when funding allows we take in KGF Project Puppies. These are puppies/dogs who are usually severely special needs and need round the clock care as their survival depends on us. We will financially back these little guys for their entire lives if necessary, but the primary goal is to nurse them back to health and adopt them out through our partnered rescues.