Rosie was found in Detroit (accidentally- we actually almost ran her over when she came bolting out into the street out of nowhere) one freezing winter day while we were in the city doing outreach and transporting owned dogs to their spay/ neuter appointments. It took us a bit to catch her as we had to trap her in someone’s backyard to get her to stop bolting in fear. She had to be completely shaved down as she was covered in mats/ burrs so badly that we couldn’t even tell if she was a girl or boy until her grooming job was being done. She went home that day with one of the volunteers who rescued her and never left.. now she is living her best life bossing all of her bigger fur-siblings around, going to work with her mom, and loving her new and improved life.

The Addams Family

It’s not very often you get to rescue an entire family in need- Meet the Addams Family 🖤

When we met Mama Morticia, she was in “ruff” shape. A walking skeleton, with 4 tiny alien looking babies hiding behind her. Most of the time you have to use caution when interacting with a new mom around her babies, especially when they’re in a stressful environment such as a shelter -they don’t know who they can trust and hormones/ instincts tell them to “protect their babies.” But that wasn’t the case here, morticia aka mama tish, just about melted through the door and into our laps.. this little boney girl couldn’t get enough love or attention, it was clear she was beyond special. Her 4 babies were still nursing off of her so they were a packaged deal- they needed the little bit of protein and juice she had to offer. She made it impossible to leave her behind as her love and heart was just so pure & unconditional. When we went to give the shelter workers her paperwork to let them know the family of 5 was leaving with us they told us that there was one more dog that came in off the animal control truck with them.. an equally skinny and very shy male dog. Mama tish not only saved herself but her 4 puppies and her boyfriend, Gomez too. All of the babies were able to go to foster homes to socialize and fatten them up and got adopted fairly quickly. Tish and Gomez stayed with us for their healing journey and during that time frame Tish even helped another mama dog in the rescue by co-assisting/ nursing the other mama’s babies when she wasn’t producing enough milk. These two were so special and sweet- they’ll always hold a few paw prints on our hearts! They’re adopted, thriving, and you can no longer see a bone on them! They’re as loved as they deserved to be all along. (All of the babies they raised too!) 

Sunny Bear

Sunny Bear was another dog spotted and rescued in Detroit. In one of the worst snow/ freezing storms we had that winter we watched him lay in the snow, with a heavy chain on his neck and no shelter or straw. Animal control in Detroit was swamped that week with calls for help as this was just one of dozens and dozens of dogs in dire need of help. We made several efforts to contact the people who lived next door to this empty lot with a van parked in it, and a freezing dog chained up alongside of it. We were finally able to make contact and they surrendered him to us. Freeing him from his chain was one of the best feelings in the world. He was scared and barking during the process and as soon as he was freed he became a different dog- his tense and nervous posture turned into a loose, tail wagging, friendly dog who just realized he was rescued! He even insisted on riding on our laps the whole way home. Sunny got adopted pretty quickly, and he deserved it for being as much of a certified good boy as he was! His adoption came with his very own kids and another dog, a huge yard, and a warm bed to sleep in at night with his humans. 

Dodger & Dixie

Dodger.. and his little sister Dixie..

These may look just a pair of ordinary hound dogs to you, but to us, these our 2 of our most favorite “dogs that made it” pairs we’ve got. You see Dodger came into our lives in 2018… he was just a puppy and we started by working with the rescue group he was in who rescued the whole litter of baby dodgers. We trained with them and taught this unruly bunch of hounds some manners and social skills. They were all adopted and living their happily ever after, except dodger. Dodger kept getting returned and bounced, it seemed  he couldn’t find a family that enjoyed his quirks- his extra loud hound personality and overall wild spirit. He spent the first 2 years of his life being bounced around and growing up in rescue. Upon his final “return” we made space for him to come and live with us. After a few weeks a miracle family met and fell in love with our boy and all of his opinions. 

Dodger was one of the last dogs Kris and Jordan fostered together in 2019. He was actually the last adoption they did together, the week of Kris’s unexpected death- they made the roadtrip with Dodger to his FUREVER Family. The family he had been waiting for his entire life. 

Fast forward a few years and they came back to rescue another little hound mix we rescued from a hunter who couldn’t get her to hunt, Dixie, a shy and sweet beagle. 

Dodger and Dixie’s days of being unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated are just a distant memory for the 2 of them. They have the absolute best lives and enjoy chasing squirrels, wearing sweaters, stealing snacks (and hearts). Dodger does agility with one of the family’s kids and is actually quite good at it! They love going camping, snuggling, and causing a little bit of chaos that only hounds can cause.